Hello loverz! I am a vibrational guide and certified meditation teacher in New York City. I received my certification from Sarvaguna Yoga Institution in Dharamshala, India under the wisdom of Dr. Keshava Murthy. I hold tarot sessions with my clients and create customized visualization meditations. You can find me leading meditation for the Celestial Sisterhood & the Discover Here Project .

From a young age I have always been intuitive as well as passionate about connecting with the people in my life. For a long time I denied my spiritual gifts until they no longer wanted to be hidden. Over the past 7 years I have done deep, personal development work that has shifted my life. I guide my life through meditation, Buddhism, tarot, the lunar cycle, affirmations, feminine movement and different forms of manifestation journaling. I am dedicated to helping people embrace their healing under the principle of connection with self, other, and the Source that connects us all.

You will find in my sessions that I offer guidance... not instructions. I firmly believe that you have full responsibility over your own life. I want you to leave your time with me with a new found clarity and feel empowered to take inspired action in your life. To begin a deeper connection with yourself and your power. Take a look at my session options to connect with me!

Happy Healing

I don’t usually seek out spiritual readings or guidance, so when I reached out to Brittany, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, what to ask, or how to even start our session. But I was so incredibly overwhelmed with the clarity and insight her reading granted me. She clearly put all of her focus and energy into doing a thoughtful reading for me, and she answered my questions more thoroughly than I even knew I needed. She provided me with the guidance I had been desperately needing to be decisive, to move forward with my life and to do so with confidence. Brittany’s spiritual gift is so strong and connected, and I cannot wait to come to her the next time I need any spiritual guidance. Thank you, Brittany!
— Taylor Pearlstein

Connect with Brittany in a 1 hour tarot reading/vibrational guidance session.


Identify resistance and begin clearing your 7 energy centers with a 1 hour session with Brittany along with a customized meditation based on the reading.

Full Moon & New Moon Readings.jpg

Discover the essence and energy of the moon and identify how you, specifically, can harness the energy of the full or new moon at play to help you step into your fullest self

Brittany is absolutely incredible. She is such a warm, caring human and her light comes through her readings. They feel personal and genuine and her insight on your situation is always spot on. I trust Brittany because she has given me the much needed guidance and perspective I’ve sought on multiple occasions! I recommend her to all of my friends who need some questions answered or some general healing.
— Ani Djirdjirian
Brittany recognizes that the universe - and life - isn’t so symmetrical.Her vibrational readings’ delve into the many atmospheric layers of my life and how they intertwine with the flows of the universe. Brittany’s reading was so invaluable to me because she presented me the tools for how I could go about unleashing my career potential hidden in plain sight.
— Julia Slaff
Brittany’s innate wisdom and spiritual guidance through tarot have helped me find clarity in every partition of my life. Each reading resonates deeper than the previous, probably born from her unmistakable ability to decipher the human experience.
— Matt Rodin
After my readings with Brittany, I would never go to anyone else. I would tell anyone feeling confused or lost to start their process of illumination with Brittany. 100%.
— Carter Ellis
She goes above and beyond with each reading, not only explaining what each card means, but also gathering knowledge about me and being able to relate it to my life in a truly compassionate and eloquent manor, that I have never experienced with any other readers. Her love of people and human connection makes her incredibly easy to talk to, and in turn the reading is more specific, comfortable, and meaningful.
— Michelle Coben